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Remembering Brad

Updated: Jan 25

January is the month for cleaning out the old and "making new" at our house. I like to call it, "Project Season." It is a long, dark month in Minnesota. Why not dig in and get the house in order? It also seems to be the month that I think a lot about my nephew, Brad (aka my little brother). It is his birthday month.

I picture his big cheesy smile, his silly smirks, and his big brown eyes and my heart aches. Oh what I would give to see him again and to take in one more of his great big bear hugs!

I was recently cleaning out my office shelves and I stumbled upon the treasured note pictured above. I stopped to read it, yet again. I pondered the many conversations he and I had over the last couple years of his life. We talked about faith, our hope of heaven, and what is most important in this life. Our conversations always went deep, they were always "iron sharpening iron" moments for me. I don't remember the exact words we shared, I just remember feeling different after each one; changed somehow.

One of the things that Brad said to me that impacted me the most was..."cancer can't touch my spiritual body." He was right. It never did! His soul was always 100% cancer free.

I think of this often when trouble strikes. You can substitute the word cancer in that sentence with many others...pain, heartache, betrayal and anything else that wounds you. Nothing can touch your spiritual body, only the Lord, when you are His.

Brad's final moments on earth were brief. I don't think he wanted to leave, but he knew he must. The Lord was calling him home. I can't help but wonder what he experienced in those final hours of life. There is so much going on spiritually in those moments that we just can't see. There's definitely a strong sense of peace that envelops the entire room of those on their journey heavenward. It's impossible to explain. The air is heavy and dense, yet filled with a light and a brightness that can only be felt with your soul.

Matthew 4 talks about Jesus' time of testing in the wilderness. The devil was trying every angle he could to get Jesus to bow down and worship him. Jesus fought him with the Word of God. In the end, satan was defeated and had to flee. And once he did, the angels came in to minister to Jesus.

Then the devil left Him, and behold, angels came and ministered to Him. Matthew 4:11

Isn't this comforting to think about? God sent His angels to minister to Jesus when he was at His weakest and yet, Jesus is God. If Jesus needed angels to minister to Him at His weakest, how much more do we? Is this why the Bible tells us that when you are weak, then you are strong? Is it because Jesus and His angels are right there to minister to you and hold you up? What a thought and what a loving and compassionate God we have.

As I ponder Brad and miss him deeply, I am comforted by these kinds of thoughts. I will miss him for the rest of my life, but not forever as my sister, Kathy so confidently says.

We will be all be together again one day and I cannot wait!

Pray with me...

Heavenly Father,

Thank You for Your Word and the promises You have filled it with. Thank You that You never change.

Life changes constantly and losses come hard. We need Your constant presence and Your constant love to get us through. We cling to You and the hope of heaven.

Draw us closer, fill us deeper and use our lives for Your glory. Most of all, come Lord Jesus, come!

In Jesus Name, Amen.

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Carolyn this was so beautifully written. God is so good and what a light he is in our life. Thank you for using your gift to encourage and inspire others to seek God.

Replying to

Thank you for your encouraging words. My heart’s desire for this blog is to help others comprehend the incredible depth of God’s love and help inspire a hunger to draw closer to Him. ❤️

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