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The Mission


Carolyn Skäär

A blog about Faith, Home, & Living a Simple Life


What is it that fuels you? For me, it’s my faith. I love to write about it, live it, and share it with others.  I love to come alongside others and encourage them in their faith. 


My background is business.  I have been helping others for years with their business finances.  All the while, my heart longed for more.  All the while, God whispered to my heart, "Write, Carolyn. Please write."   So I did. I picked up my pen and wrote from time to time.  When I did, it felt like home; like something I was made to do.  Occasionally, I shared my work with others and it gave my heart so much joy.  

Now, here I am, jumping in with both feet.  Setting aside what is comfortable and boring for what I believe God has been calling me to do for so very long.  


I love to spend early mornings with Jesus and write about the things that He presses on my heart.  This blog, calm is calling, comes from my early mornings with Him, basking in His love. It is truly my little passion project.

My mission is to help you, dear soul,  draw closer to God and learn to live a life of calm,  free from fear.


I hope that you enjoy browsing my site and all of the content I have to offer. Take a look around; I hope that you find hope for your soul and encouragement for your heart as you do. Read and enjoy!

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