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Morning Calm Devotional Printable Pages


Learn to Seek First His Kingdom, Morning by Morning.

Do you struggle to make time to "Seek first His kingdom" each day?  Is it hard for you to carve out time in the morning to sit at His feet?  

I know it was for me.  I struggled for years to make this a priority each morning.  I sat down with the best intentions and distractions came; one by one.  (The kids woke up earlier than I planned, or I chose to sleep just a bit longer) Plus, I often let my "To Do" list get in my way.

In my quest to make this precious time a priority each morning, I tried many different things. Finally, I developed my own devotional journal.  This little tool has helped me so much that I knew I needed to share it with others.  

Come along with me and let me show you how to get your heart ready for the day.


Free printable journal pages...

How I use these journal pages...

First, I start with the Brain Dump page and get all the clutter out of my mind before I begin my time with God.  For example, I may write my To Do List, grocery list, or anything else that I need to get out of my brain so that I can focus on my time with the Lord.

Next, I move to the Morning Calm page.  I begin by listing out a few things that I am grateful for in my life at the moment... the rising sun, warm fireplace, hot coffee, etc. After that I open my Bible and read it.  While I read, a verse usually strikes me and speaks to my heart,  that is the verse that I jot down on this page. 


Finally, I write out my prayer, or just quietly pray in my mind and write nothing at all.  

The journal page is to go deeper if you desire.  Sometimes, my reading time develops into more of a study and I jot down all my notes on this page.  Often, this is the page that contains all my blog post writing. 

Click on each page and and at the bottom of the page, click "go to link" and download it.  Feel free to print as many as you like and to share it with others.

Photo of Morning Quiet
Photo Brain Dump
Photo of Journal
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